How to Choose a Garden Harvest Basket

garden harvest basket

Whether you’re collecting veggies from your garden or taking them to a farmer’s market, a good harvest basket makes the job easier. Ideally, your basket should be sturdy, water-resistant, and easy to clean.

The best harvest garden harvest basket have a flat surface that’s gentle on delicate fruits and vegetables, like tomatoes and strawberries. They should also be lightweight and easily fold up for storage.

If you’re not into wicker, look for an alternative that’s made of larger strips of wood. These woven baskets are often beautiful and functional, and they’re easier to clean than traditional wicker.

From Garden to Table: How a Harvest Basket Can Help You Make the Most of Your Homegrown Produce

Another option is this harvest basket from Terrain, which is hand-crafted from pine and maple. It has food-grade, vinyl-covered mesh along the bottom and sides for easy veggie cleaning.

A garden harvest basket can hold your entire days’ worth of harvest, from a few leafy greens to an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables. It’s styled after a classic clam hod and is made from new materials in Maine, so it’s designed to last.

The garden harvest basket is also available in a smaller size to fit your kitchen or backyard garden. You’ll love the way it helps you keep track of your daily vegetable and herb harvests, and its ergonomic side handles make it comfortable to carry with two hands.

This is a wonderful, rustic-inspired East-Coast-inspired basket that’s destined to become a family antique. The mix of pine, birch and oak woods and the durable hardware cloth bottom make this one of the most functional and attractive garden baskets out there.

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