Liquidation Bin Store Near Me

liquidation bin store near me

Liquidation bin store near me offer an amazing selection of top-brand merchandise at affordable prices. These discount outlets are great for resellers and anyone who is looking to save on the latest products. The key to shopping at a liquidation bin store is knowing what you’re looking for and being ready to find a bargain.

The inventory at these stores can vary wildly, from electronics to tools and more. Some items may be damaged or have missing parts, so it’s important to check the condition of the goods before making a purchase. Additionally, many of the products sold at liquidation bin stores are snapped up quickly, so it’s important to be patient and keep checking back.

Score Big Savings: Uncover the Best Deals at Your Local Liquidation Bin Store

Gantt, who previously owned a paint supply company, decided to take the leap into entrepreneurship after visiting his daughter’s father-in-law in Tulsa, Oklahoma, who runs two successful bin stores. He spent weeks learning what it takes to run a successful business and brought the concept back to Des Moines.

When Gantt and his wife open their doors Saturday mornings at the Looney Bin Store, customers are greeted by a wide variety of merchandise, from home goods to kitchen appliances to electronics. The store’s prices can be up to 80% less than retail prices.

The first day 2nd Chance Liquidation opened as a storefront, people lined up outside the door before opening time. The store sells everything from tables to cameras to car accessories, and its inventory arrives in semi loads on Wednesdays and Thursdays. When the trucks arrive, the store hires processors who sort and sticker-price the goods before they’re displayed in the bins. The lowest-priced bin items are $7, but they drop down to $5 on Friday and $1 the following Sunday.

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