Job Opportunities For Romanian Workers in France Rise

Romanian worker in France

Since Romania roumain travail en france the EU in 2007, its citizens – including Roma people who are largely confined to squalid camps on the fringes of French towns and cities – have been subject to strict employment restrictions. These restrictions are meant to help them integrate into French society. But the French government has been under pressure to relax them as it tries to deal with the plight of Roma communities.

The number of jobs available to Bulgarian and Romanian workers in France has risen from 150 to 291. These include car repairs, hairdressing, landscape gardening, and some positions in banking and finance. In addition, a visa equivalent to residence permit that enables professional activity is now possible for citizens of these two countries. The number of physicians making regular remittances back home to support family members has also been on the rise. These are mainly doctors who have been working in France for short periods of time, and those who are supporting their spouse or adult children in Romania while they are studying.

Support Systems: Resources Available for Romanian Workers in France

Close to three-quarters (74%) of Romanian expats surveyed by InterNations rate the state of their host country’s local economy positively. This is lower than the global average of 65%. In addition, almost all (96%) say they enjoy their current job, and more than three-quarters express satisfaction with the opportunity to work remotely or from home.

Pray that the Lord will send workers to serve French people no matter where they live, so that they can turn away from New Age spiritual answers and trust in Jesus Christ.

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