Find Fate With Astrologer Melody Graham

My name is Tristan Balguerie. For astrologers, I was born on March 15, 1978 in New Jersey at 5:58 am, Pisces, Aries ascendant and Moon in Virgo.

I had two careers, one as an engineer and manager, the other as a personal development consultant with astrology and coaching. I stopped this alternation of activities in 2021 to devote myself to the practice and teaching of astrology.

In fact, I like to alternate the stimulation of my two brains in all my activities. We need to reconcile our hemispheres, our masculine and feminine sides to be good. This is one of the challenges of our century.

I have been studying astrology since 1998, consulting since 2004, and teaching it since 2010 in courses, workshops and conferences in France and abroad. Astrology confirmed my intuition that life had a meaning, but that it could only really be understood if one associated an observation of the material world with a deeper resonance within oneself.