Radon Mitigation

Radon Mitigation

If your home has a high radon level, you should consider radon mitigation. Fortunately, there are a few different solutions. One option is to install an active system. This type of system has fans that are continuously running to eliminate radon. It also works to remove moisture and odors from your home. In addition, active systems also help prevent vapor intrusion from the soil, which is another source of radon. These systems eliminate two of the biggest health problems associated with radon.

Radon mitigation methods include installing radon detectors. A radon detector is a device that contains an electret, a disk that has an electrostatic charge. When radon enters a system, the electrostatic charge on the electret is reduced. This device can be used in your home or in a laboratory.

Another option is installing a radon mitigation system that has a reversible air pressure system. This system works by reversing the air pressure difference between a house and the soil, reducing the amount of radon that enters the home through the foundation. Suction points are installed through the foundation floor slab, into the soil or crushed rock. These systems can include several suction points to effectively reduce radon levels.

The cost of radon mitigation varies by home characteristics. The type of mitigation method you choose will depend on how much radon is present, how it is getting into your house, and how effectively the job is performed. Usually, one or two methods will be sufficient, but sometimes a combination of several methods is necessary.

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