Choosing the Right Wheel Casters

Choosing the right wheel casters will improve the productivity of your workplace. In addition to providing greater mobility, they improve the safety of your equipment. A wheel caster is a type of wheel that is attached to the bottom of a cart, dolly, or other material handling device.

What can I use instead of casters?

Wheel casters are available in a variety of sizes and materials. Some are made of hard rubber, while others are made of softer materials. The material of the wheel will influence its ability to roll, as well as its durability.

A solid caster wheel will be able to absorb shock without failure. This type of wheel will be resistant to high temperatures. Forged steel wheels are also resistant to grease, oils, and hard impacts. Forged steel is also used for high-temperature applications. It is also resistant to corrosion.

Rigid casters are used in hallways and other tight spaces. They are also designed to create a flat spot on the floor, which helps reduce friction.

The type of material used for the wheel caster will also influence its durability. Forged steel is able to withstand high temperatures, while non-marking polyurethane is designed to be easy to roll. Polyurethane is also known for its excellent abrasion resistance.

The diameter of a caster wheel is another important factor to consider. Larger diameter wheels are more durable, and provide lower rolling resistance. This means that less force is needed to move a cart. Larger wheels also won’t bog down on carpets or mats.

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