Does My House Need Underpinning?

Does my house need underpinning? If you’re wondering does my house need underpinning, there are some things you can look out for. The most obvious sign is if you notice that your walls have moved and aren’t as level as they used to be, and there are other signs too – like cracked wallpaper or doors and windows sticking.

How do I know if my house needs to be underpinned?

Subsidence: the most common reason for a property needing underpinning, but it can also be caused by poor workmanship, damage to other repairs, climate changes, soil changes and natural events such as floods or earthquakes. These are all potential reasons why your house might need underpinning, but you should always get a survey done by a qualified structural engineer to check it out properly!

Underpinning costs vary depending on the amount of work required, but it can be as low as PS6,000 for smaller properties and as high as PS21,000 for larger ones. It’s best to call in a structural engineer to do a full survey and give you an accurate quote.

Cracks: if you see cracks in your wall that are wider than 2mm and run diagonally, it could be an indication that subsidence is happening. If you have cracks in your brickwork or plaster it could be an indicator that the foundations are sinking and need a solution to fix them.

Uneven floors: uneven floor levels are often a sign that your foundation footings are sinking and need a solution. You can also see waves in your floors and deep cracks in your flooring that aren’t in your plaster.

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