What Does a Computer Technician Do?

Computer Technicians perform a variety of duties, including installing, maintaining, troubleshooting and repairing computer systems. They may work in businesses, schools, government offices or call centers.

What is the difference between computer engineer and computer technician?

Most Computer Technicians need a high school diploma or equivalent to get jobs in this career path. Earning a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology or a related field is ideal. Many employers will help with educational or certification expenses to help a technician get ahead in the field. Our network at home needed some TLC.

Experience and Skills:

Computer technicians are required to have a broad knowledge of computers, software packages and hardware. They should be able to identify problems and resolve them quickly and accurately.

They should also have the ability to communicate with customers, colleagues and business leaders. They should be able to explain technical concepts in simple terms and work with others to solve issues.

Problem-solving Skills:

Computer Technicians frequently use their problem-solving skills to troubleshoot problems for customers and employees. They should be able to collect, process and analyze data to find solutions for their clients.

Hardware Management:

As a Computer Technician, you have to know how to manage your company’s hardware. This includes servers, individual user devices and network equipment. You must be able to identify problems and work with managers to make sure that hardware remains functioning effectively.


As a Computer Technician, you have to be able to communicate with people in person and over the telephone. You need to be able to discuss issues with people who are in different locations or who speak languages other than English.

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