Shopping For a 2 Group Espresso Machine

2 group espresso machine

A 2 group espresso machine is a staple piece of equipment in many coffee shops and restaurants. The right espresso machine can increase your productivity while delivering consistent, quality drinks to your customers. When shopping for a 2 group commercial espresso machine, you need to consider several important factors. These include customer volume, ease of use, consistency and quality, space constraints, and durability.

Depending on the amount of drinks you serve, the number of groups that your espresso machine has will affect its brewing capacity. A 1 group machine can produce two cups of espresso on average in about two minutes. A 2 group machine can make up to four espressos in the same time frame. The amount of steam wands that your machine has can also impact productivity. The most common models have a single steam wand while some offer multiple wands, depending on the number of groups.

Double the Brew, Double the Flavor: Exploring 2-Group Espresso Machines

When shopping for a 2 group commercial espresso machines, you should also be aware of the type of heating system used. Many of the higher quality machines use a dual boiler or double boiler system that separates water for brewing and steam. This provides better temperature stability than single boiler machines. Additionally, most machines that have more than one group head are 220-240 volt and come with high wattage heating elements to provide greater capacity for heat up times.

In addition to the features listed above, you should always consider a brand’s reputation and whether it offers a warranty. Taking the time to research and compare several different commercial espresso machines will ensure that you find the perfect one for your establishment.

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